Name Ticket An/Abreise Notes
Gio yes to camp: with NN transporter please! from camp: flying from Berlin to Spain after camp
psy yes
Sara / lissy yes
VoVo yes Große Gruppe KA
Leo yes
Niklas yes
Sarah yes
Fischi yes
Klaus yes
joyjoy (+3 family) yes Große Gruppe KA, Familie mit Zug
memo yes
simsonbro yes, waiting for next voucher
truss yes
Ik4ru5 yes
Twiboo yes
Piet yes


  • Roland (Niklas' colleague)
  • phlox (Unlikely, but maybe I am lucky.)
  • Obelix


  • VoVo has a reservation for Stadtmobil Mercedes Sprinter Transporter B (3 seats plus large transport volume), from 19.8.2019 to 26.8.2019. (Startdate can still be moved nearer to the 21st, depending when we want to drive)
  • Niklas has a reservation for Mercedes Sprinter 9 Seater from 19.08 to 27.08
  • joyjoy has reserved a Mercedes Sprinter 9 seater from 19. to 26.
  • Truss going there directly from Dresden, plan to arrive 2019-08-20 afternoon. As far as I can see, there is some space left in the car.


  • We'll rent a Tent. 50m²+, 100€ p.Person+
  • TBD


  • Hotte won't join - we may take his equipment
  • TBD
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